Experiencing the Exercises of St. Ignatius

These well-known spiritual exercises were developed and practiced to foster growth into becoming like Christ.

Doing these proven spiritual exercises brings the participant into the life of Christ by spending time in Scripture and in a variety of prayer methods. The goal of the exercises is to be with, like, and for Christ in the world in which we live. As one grows more deeply in relationship with Christ, we grow in becoming more loving of God, self, and others. Participating in these exercises offers hope to us personally, but also for our world as we walk back into it with greater intention to bearing his likeness.

Participants will be given 3-5 passages of Scripture each week and will be practicing a variety of methods of prayer over the course of the series. We are asking for a personal commitment of 30 minutes of time 4-5 times per week to be set aside for doing the exercises. Participants will meet one-to-one with a spiritual director while working with the exercises.