Invited into a Way of Life with Jesus

Jesus invites us to be with him. In being with him, aware and attuned to his presence and who he is, we are invited into a new way of seeing and being that changes us. Our lives become a living letter of Jesus and his way of being - his living Word of love and grace breathes within us and flows out from us. 

Nan Merrill has paraphrased the Psalms in a book entitled, Psalms for Praying: An invitation to Wholeness. In Psalm 119 she uses these words:

For when you come to know the Source of your life,
love flows through you and radiates outward;
Harmony enters into your life,
you see with new eyes.

Demons are banished as we live into this life with God.

Mark 3:13-19 The Message
He climbed a mountain and invited those he wanted with him. They climbed together. He settled on twelve, and designated them apostles. The plan was that they would be with him, and he would send them out to proclaim the Word and give them authority to banish demons. These are the Twelve:

Simon (Jesus later named him Peter, meaning "Rock").
James, son of Zebedee,
John, brother of James (Jesus nicknamed the Zebedee brothers Boanerges, meaning "Sons of Thunder").
James, son of Alphaeus,
Simon the Canaanite,
Judas Iscariot (who betrayed him).

For Reflection and Prayer:
What did you hear as you listened/read?

Is there a name that Jesus calls you?

What might be Jesus' plan for you?