The Kingdom of God is Like...

Jesus often used parables to put words around a concept that went beyond a definition into meaning that was much deeper. In this parable we wonder, “What is this seed that is scattered that seems to grow without external effort?” Could this seed be the Spirit of God? Could this seed be desire for God planted within us? Could this seed be love and compassion that grows within us and is readied to be harvested to nourish and sustain others?

All reflect the Kingdom of God and the reign of Christ that grows within our hearts and souls, becoming that which matures within us, meant to flow out into the world. As you sit with the following passage reflect on what stands out to you through the words and voice of Christ.

Mark 4:26-29

Parable of the Growing Seed

Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens. The earth produces the crops on its own. First a leaf blade pushes through, then the heads of wheat are formed, and finally the grain ripens. And as soon as the grain is ready, the farmer comes and harvests it with a sickle, for the harvest time has come.”

•    What did you hear as you listened/read?  What stood out to you?
•    What do you hear that helps you understand more of what the Kingdom of God is like?
•    What do you notice about God’s grace in this passage?