Want to Have a Real Life?

The words of Jesus provide great assurance of who he is, the authority with which he speaks, and what this means for us. For us, we get to choose if we believe it and then how it matters in our life. This is our journey into becoming one heart and mind with God. 

John 10:25-30
The Message

Jesus answered, “I told you, but you don’t believe. Everything I have done has been authorized by my Father, actions that speak louder than words. You don’t believe because you’re not my sheep. My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life. They are protected from the Destroyer for good. No one can steal them from out of my hand. The Father who put them under my care is so much greater than the Destroyer and Thief. No one could ever get them away from him. I and the Father are one heart and mind.”

 ·         What did you hear as you listened?  A word? A phrase?
Write about what you heard.
·         What do you observe about Jesus’ actions that reveal the Father?
·         What do you notice in your own life that reveals the Father?
·         We become more like Jesus as we attend to and spend time with him. What does this look like in your life?
·         One heart and mind-- What does this mean for you?