Small Beginnings

"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin..." Zechariah 4:10a

Again Jesus tells a story to illustrate the Kingdom of God. The smallest of seeds in its beginning, it grows into the largest plant in the garden, its branches reaching out in a gracious welcome providing a place of shelter, a home, a resting place. Such is the Kingdom of God as it grows within us. The Spirit enlarges our heart and our capacity to become a place of welcome, safety and refuge for others. Do not despise these small beginnings.

Mark 4:30-34 (NLT)

Parable of the Mustard Seed
Jesus said, “How can I describe the Kingdom of God? What story should I use to illustrate it?  It is like a mustard seed planted in the ground. It is the smallest of all seeds, but it becomes the largest of all garden plants; it grows long branches, and birds can make nests in its shade.”

Jesus used many similar stories and illustrations to teach the people as much as they could understand. In fact, in his public ministry he never taught without using parables; but afterward, when he was alone with his disciples, he explained everything to them.

For Reflection and Prayer:
What phrase or word spoke to you as you listened/read?
What kind of seed is growing within you?
How would you describe the Kingdom of God in your life?
What message do you hear God speaking to you through this text?