Come, for gently facilitated, confidential, sacred conversations. Uniquely tailored for dating, engaged, or married couples.

Pre-Marital Preparation

Using the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, certified facilitators can guide pre-engaged and engaged couples through conversations which prepare them for a shared life together - including a shared spiritual life.

$600 | 6 sessions

Marital Strengthening

Are you longing to share and deepen in the spiritual journey with your spouse?
Are you looking for something other than a therapeutic model to deepen in the skills of relational intimacy with God and your life partner?

By exploring and navigating the terrain of your lives you can find the threads of deeply shared meaning and purpose and discover ways to support one another on the journey of a shared life with God.

Together you may:

  • Discover the stories of your spiritual backgrounds and traditions
  • Learn and listen for your essential goodness, gifts, and motivations
  • Hear family of origin stories and threads
  • Find healing of generational patterns
  • Practice relationship strengthening skills of presence, vulnerability, listening, truth telling, compassion, conflict resolution, forgiveness, shalom (peace) making
  • Experiment with shared spiritual practices
  • Invite God into your joint decision making
  • Make room for grief and loss
  • Create life giving rhythms and practice of a shared spiritual life
  • Establish a foundation for future generations

Facilitated conversations with you and your spouse to grow in listening, discernment, and deepening in the spiritual life together.

$600|6 sessions or $375 |3 sessions