"Finding any peace of mind during the Christmas rush was impossible. I was worn to a frazzle and needed to stop. In attending the retreat day, I found peace of 'heart' and the ability to move more thoughtfully into and through the Advent season." - Debbi


"My spiritual direction experience resembles the story of Lazarus recorded in John 11. In the presence of my director, God's tender murmurings crescendoed into a clearly expressed 'Come out!' and with a confident gentleness, she removed the grave clothes that had held me back from living the life I've been created to live." - Brenda


"Listening Prayer has become a sacred and safe place that provides the opportunity for me to hear the spoken Word of God in a new way through silence, prayer, and worship. In this space, through the Holy Spirit and the stories of others sharing in this experience, I am learning to quiet my mind and to listen carefully with my heart for the voice of Jesus Christ." - Jon


"Real conversation, with real people about a real relationship with God." - Tony


"Restoration Ministries is just as it sounds - it has helped restore my confidence and ability to love. Through spiritual direction, praise, and meditation on Scripture, an environment rich with the Holy Spirit has helped to open up in me a door of freedom - freedom from dependence on receiving approval, and even answers, from others." - Scott


"Our supervision gatherings for spiritual directors is really remarkable. The sessions nourish my own heart and are broadening and deepening my way of being with others in soul conversations. This is an example of why Restoration Ministries is a treasure for soul care in the Twin Cities." - Joel


"As a ministering person it is imperative that I step aside to notice and reflect on how I am with God, what I am experiencing in ministry, and where God is at work. Jean, and these ministry colleagues, facilitate and provide me the space to do this in the midst of the demands of work. I am more grounded in myself and God as a result." - Vicki, Pastor


“My participation in the Centering Prayer Group offered by Restoration Ministries has greatly contributed to my spiritual health and well-being. As a pastor, I love the ministry of serving others in Jesus’ name, but it can also take a great toll on my own spiritual and emotional health. Having an opportunity to meet with a small group of other ministers who share similar struggles and concerns, provides me and us with an opportunity to “fix our eyes upon Jesus” as we contemplate and pray silently together in our little community. I come away feeling refreshed, renewed, and cared for. The mornings we meet are anticipated as a time and place of rest! " 
- Rev. Susan T


"Participating in a Restoration Ministry leadership retreat calmed my soul and opened my eyes to the work of God. I felt refreshed and challenged, and I had a renewed sense of awe for the work of God. This is definitely something to prioritize on the calendar and make the time for." - John, Pastor


"Developing intimacy with God is something I have always desired. I found the Spiritual Exercises helped me focus. The gentle but persistent process showed me how to keep my heart where it needed to be - continually looking to Jesus." - Mona


"The manuscript study has been like a breath of fresh air for me in studying Scripture. This is the first study of Scripture that I have been involved in where progress has been set by insight and understanding and not a timetable. All of the stories of Genesis and Exodus, that before were simply passed over or gone over quickly, have now taken on new meaning based on new understanding of how God wants a personal relationship with me." - Laurin


"Tuesday, the night we meet for the manuscript study, is one of my most treasured days of the week. In this study we are learning how to read the Hebrew narrative that has survived from generation to generation as a story. I believe I am better able to understand what the writer is trying to convey through the recurring themes woven throughout God's story. We pray together, we have lively discussions, and the nudging of the Holy Spirit guides our pace." - Greg


"I've walked through a healing process from deep sorrow to pure joy, all the while being embraced by a safe and transparent community. When we come into God's presence and listen intently for His voice, we leave the busyness of life and heal." - Kimberly


"During the middle of a transformational time in my life...I discovered the healing reality of God's love as I discovered truth - truth about God and about myself. Christ has become my recovery, and relationships have become a source of life."  - Tony


"My experiences and consequences are what got me into trouble, but life is a journey. My journey has also brought me to SteppingStones where I am receiving support that makes me feel hopeful about my life and better about myself. The women who organize the meeting are happy, spiritual, compassionate, and have very generous hearts. They support me by helping me learn valuable things like, "I am worthy of the joy and love I am seeking". We work on skills and resources to help prepare us for finding jobs. I am so grateful." - Anonymous Female Participant in Jail Ministry